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Providing Professional IT Service Since 1982


F-35 Lightning ll Joint Strike Fighter Program
ALIS Ship Implementation
"A real treat working with you Bob, great vision, and so much experience."

John Magda

Bob's Design Engineering “Bob and his staff are experts in the IT fields. Datajockeys offer extremely affordable alternatives to the main stream high priced options that are available to average consumer.”
Rick Hale, September 28th, 2010

Adore Recordings

"Thanks for all your help with my defective hard drive. I have not had any problems with it so far and recently started the process of backing it up to the portable drive you suggested. The files and folders on the drive were unharmed and complete. I will be sure to recommend you to any friends or clients who need data recovery services."
Kenya DuBois, January 7, 2010

Hillsboro CERT
"Robert Johnston, owner of Datajockeys, was an integral part of getting this new site up a running. He provided excellent consultation for me and helped work through some kinks."
Mitch Neilson, Hillsboro CERT Program Coordinator

Interlink Health Services “We have used Datajockeys and Bob for over five years now. Bob handles our IT needs for our Oregon and Minnesota offices and does an excellent job. His work is timely, accurate and efficient. There has not been a job that Bob has not been able to tackle. Bob builds and maintains our servers, desktop systems and databases. He consults us on emerging threats and technologies. Under his direction, we have have little to no problems with our systems. We give Bob a "five-star" rating." John Van Dyke CEO May 1, 2009

Bill Swortwood
“When I needed a custom built workstation for software development, even though the supplier is out of state, I went with Robert Johnston's Datajockeys. They are up on the best equipment and practices, and build solid and tested machines, with the OS of choice installed and ready to go. They explain your options and the benefits, and provide a solution at a fair price and in a timely manner, with solid support. If you are stuck with a problem you are dug out quickly. My quad core system here performs flawlessly and quietly.”
Bill Swortwood, May 1, 2009

The Sign Company
“ Your expertise in computers and networking is fantastic and the help in marketing you have provided will help my company grow.”
Ross Quivey, Owner

Pace Computers
“I have had the privilege of working with Robert Johnston of Datajockeys, LLC on numerous occasions.” “He is professional, courteous, and works hard to ensure the job gets done properly and is documented for future support. He is an asset for any computer situation.”
David Gilliam, Owner

Hunt & Associates, PC
“Mr. Johnston and his Company were thorough and prompt in their response to our request for help. Mr. Johnston was readily accessible to consult with me when necessary during the course of the litigation. In the trial he was a well prepared and effective witness.
Lawrence B. Hunt, Sr. Partner August 9, 2005

Sterling Investment Management, Inc.
“I have found Bob to be responsive to requests for assistance, willing to offer and explain alternative solutions, and to always be professional in his business practices. As a result of Bob’s great work, our computer systems have ben stable and efficient.”
Alan R. Nelson, President July 12, 2005

Oregon State Senate
“Mr. Johnston is very knowledgeable in his field. He is extremely honest and upfront in his business dealings.” “His ability to quickly break down and assess complex issues is one of his greatest attributes.”
Bruce Starr, State Senator June 16, 2003

“Robert Johnson was expert at what he did. He was prompt, available, forward thinking, and went out of his way to recommend and implement solutions that eliminated the systems concerns of our company.”
Steve Lunden, May 1, 2009

City of Hillsboro
“I have personally worked with Mr. Johnston over the last several years and have great respect for his ability and courage to “do the right thing”. When it comes to getting the job done, Mr. Johnston has always been there to assist in anyway possible and I am positive that he will continue to do so.”
Roger T. Bush, Hillsboro Police Department High Tech Crime Team April 5, 2002

“I reported directly to Bob while working at Flir and absolutely enjoyed his management style, his overall IT knowledge and his patience to teach me new things I didn't already know. I learned a lot about the politics of business and IT as well as technical details in IT that I still use today. He was probably the most notable IT manager I have had in my career and I enjoyed working with him. I highly recommend Bob for anything you need him for. He is a very loyal and honest person whom I respect.”
Eric Hulbert May 1, 2009

Promotion Products, Inc.
“Bob’s strong technical skills allowed him to correct our network problems including upgrading parts of the network to Ethernet. In addition, he established PPI on the Internet, consolidated backup and archive procedures, expanded out e-mail system, and established remote access capabilities.”
Daniel R. Carney, Controller January 11, 1993

Albina Fuel
“I would like to take a moment to comment on our service received from Bob. I was very impressed with Bob’s knowledge of our equipment and the general manner in which he conducted himself in our office. He was very proficient and was genuinely concerned about our needs. We wish all of our service people demonstrated the same level of professionalism.”
Keith Woodard February 28, 1992

SBS Computers
“I have found Bob both knowledgeable and fair in his business practices. His ability to plan, procure, and install systems is done to the highest professional standards.”
Les Stevens, Sales Manager October 14, 1991

Scott Co.
“Bob’s unique ability to assess and solve problems is possibly his greatest asset.”
Joe Juracich, Service Sales Representative August 30, 1990

Dale Glubrecht
“Petty Officer Johnston was the "GOTO " guy for security communications, networking, analysis and how to make anything work at CNFJ. He was routinely called upon over more seasoned co workers to solve problems, get intel moved and stop crisis in many critical and still classified operations.”
Dale Glubrecht, Fire Control Petty Officer Second Class May 1, 2009

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